@ Jerez de la Frontera

Jerez de la Frontera

by Digga & Senormen

Jerez - GP

Track Info

Length :4.485 km
Pit Stalls :14

> BMW 1 Challenge '08

BMW 1 Challenge '08

by Slow Motion RFE

    Version : 1.0 - 11 Jan 2023
    > 08BMW1_v.1.00.rfcmp
  • Steam Workshop

BMW 1 Challenge 2008

Environment Details

  • Date & Time : Wednesday 17 May 2023, 19:30 - UTC
  • Acceleration Coef. :
  • Driving Helps :


  • Format : x1 Session
  • Laps limit : 4
  • Time limit : 10 minutes
  • RealRoad Coef. : x0
  • In Sim. Time : 09:30
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    StaticPartly Cloudy29 °C0%


  • Start Type : Standing
  • Race Laps : Unlimited Laps
  • Race Time : 30 minutes
  • RealRoad Coef. : x1
  • In Sim. Time : 14:30
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    0%Partly Cloudy29 °C0%
    25%Partly Cloudy29 °C0%
    50%Partly Cloudy29 °C0%
    75%Light Clouds31 °C0%
    100%Light Clouds31 °C0%


Drivers Championship


  • The Qual. Session is held before the Race and will last 10 min.
  • Each Driver can run for 4 laps, which means 2 consecutive timed laps.
  • All the Drivers are on track in Private mode (invisible to each other).
  • There is No Point scored in Qual.


  • Finishing last is awarded 1 Point ; each position ahead earns 1 Point more.
  • Using a 1 Point increment, the Last Driver scores 1 Point and the Winner scores as many Points as there are Drivers (signed or not) on the starting grid.

    • With 3 Drivers on the Grid, the Winner gains 3pts, the Second 2pts, the Third 1pts.
    • With 5 Drivers on the Grid, the Winner gains 5pts, the Second 4pts, the Third 3pts, the Forth 2pts, the Fifth 1pt.
  • A minimum of 3 Drivers on the grid (signed or not) is required. With less than 3, the race will start, eventual Hotlaps would be stored, but no Point will be scored.
  • Only Signed Drivers can score Points and set Hotlaps !

Teams Championship


  • There is No Point scored in Qual.


  • The Team Points are the average of all its participating Drivers Points.

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