2.4H EnduRacers @ Spa-Francorchamps

Saturday 13 October schedule - UTC :
@ 15:00 > Qual. session : 2 consecutive Hotlaps within 10 minutes, in Private mode
@ 15:10 > Warmup : Take a break / Practice Pit-Stops
@ 15:20 > Race Start : Rolling Start, the race is 144 min. long
Server will be restarted around 12:30.
Check your local time on the website by selecting your TimeZone

Server Splits

In order to avoid an over crowded grid, the Drivers will be split into to two Servers, according to their Practice times on the Server.
In terms of Championships Points, both Server Splits results will be virtually merged.
So, don't slow down as you might still be racing against somebody on the other server :)

    For each ES-P2 & ES-GTE class, the Drivers are separated based on :
  1. The average of the best stint laps ;
    • Average of the Best Stint Laps :
    • A "Stint" is a streak of at least two consecutive Timed Laps.
    • For each Stint, its best 2 to 4 laps are retained.
    • The Stints are ordered by the average of their retained laps.
    • Grouped by Stints, the total number of retained laps must not exceed 144 minutes.
    • The "Average Best Lap" used as the first Splitting criteria is the average of the retained "Stint Best Laps".
  2. The total number of timed laps ;
  3. The best timed lap over all sessions.
  4. Keep an eye on your affectation as it will be updated until Sat. 13 Oct., 03:00 !

Server Splits Details

Keep your Entry Ticket up to date : Select the correct class you intend to race in !

@ Spa-Francorchamps '13

Spa-Francorchamps '13

by RaceRfactor

    Version : 1.69 - 27 Sep 2018
  • Mega.nz

Spa-Francorchamps '13

Track Info

Length :6.984 km
Pit Stalls :20

> EnduRacers - P2

[ESP2] Ligier JSP2 - HPD

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Ligier JSP2 HPD

[ESP2] Ligier JSP2 - Judd

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Ligier JSP2 Judd

[ESP2] Ligier JSP2 - Nissan

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Ligier JSP2 Nissan

[ESP2] Oreca 03 - Judd

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Oreca 03 Judd BMW

[ESP2] Oreca 03 - Nissan

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Alpine A450 Nissan

ESP2 - Alpine A450b Nissan

ESP2 - Oreca 03 Nissan

[ESP2] Oreca 05 - Nissan

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Alpine A460 Nissan

ESP2 - Oreca 05 Nissan

[ESP2] Zytek - Nissan

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Gibson 015S Nissan

ESP2 - Ginetta Zytek 09S Nissan

ESP2 - Zytek Z11SN Nissan

[ESP2] Zytek - ZG348 V8

by EnduRacers

ESP2 - Ginetta Zytek 09S

ESP2 - Zytek 07S

Environment Details

  • Date & Time : Saturday 13 October 2018, 15:00 - UTC
  • Acceleration Coef. :
  • Driving Helps :


  • Format : x1 Session
  • Laps limit : 4
  • Time limit : 15 minutes
  • RealRoad Coef. : x0
  • In Sim. Time : 09:30
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    StaticMostly Cloudy21 °C0%


  • Start Type : Rolling
  • Race Laps : Unlimited Laps
  • Race Time : 144 minutes
  • RealRoad Coef. : x1
  • In Sim. Time : 15:00
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    0%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    25%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    50%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    75%Overcast19 °C0%
    100%Overcast19 °C0%


Drivers Championship


  • The Qual. Session is held before the Race and will last 10 min.
  • Each Driver can run for 4 laps, which means 2 consecutive timed laps.
  • All the Drivers are on track in Private mode (invisible to each other).
  • There is No Point scored in Qual.


  • Finishing last is awarded 2 Points ; each position ahead earns 2 Points more.
  • Using a 2 Points increment, the Last Driver scores 2 Points and the Winner scores the double of the number of Drivers (signed or not) on the starting grid.

    • With 3 Drivers on the Grid, the Winner gains 6pts, the Second 4pts, the Third 2pts.
    • With 5 Drivers on the Grid, the Winner gains 10pts, the Second 8pts, the Third 6pts, the Forth 4pts, the Fifth 2pt.
  • A minimum of 3 Drivers on the grid (signed or not) is required. With less than 3, the race will start, eventual Hotlaps would be stored, but no Point will be scored.
  • Only Signed Drivers can score Points and set Hotlaps !

Teams Championship


  • There is No Point scored in Qual.


  • The Team Points are the average of all its participating Drivers Points.

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