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Age : 22 - 06 Mar 2002
Gender : M
Location : Greece
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Racing Summary

Registered : 5 Jan 2017, 14:05:20

Nb. Events :278
Avg. Event Start :10.33 /17.87
Avg. Event Finish :10.18 /17.87
Avg. Series Rank :19.35 /38.56
Nb. Challenges :17
Challenges Pts :140 Total
Nb. Hotlaps :358

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Driver/Livery guy person thing/Supposed team leader of Backmarker Racing and a weeb. Pc specs: Nvidia Windforce RTX 2070 8G, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, 16GB ram. Screen: AOC 27G2U5 75Hz 27' x2. Wheel: T300 GT edition with TH8A shifter and f1 wheel addon. Possibly known as Vasilis Kater(inakis). Record holder of the fastest speed recorded in an official srgp event (1375 km/h @ TRL S15 Paul Ricard Div.A 12/7/2020)

Catch Phrase

Guy who turns up 1 hour before the race with no practice and is either fast or last.

Sim Nicknames

Vasilis Kater
Vasilis Katerinakis
Vasilis Katerinakis

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