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Age : 16 - 06 Mar 2002
Gender : M
Location : Greece
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Racing Summary

Registered : 5 Jan 2017, 14:05:20

Nb. Events :130
Avg. Event Start :10.43 /16.88
Avg. Event Finish :10.31 /16.88
Avg. Series Rank :13.93 /30.30
Nb. Challenges :13
Challenges Pts :98 Total
Nb. Hotlaps :189


Pc specs: amd asus rx 460 2GB OC, intel i3-6098P, 8GB ram and 1TB HDD. Screen: Philips 240V5A 60hz 1080p 24'. Wheel: T300 GT edition with TH8A shifter and f1 wheel addon. Other sims i own: R3E, AMS, Pcars, ETS2, ATS, RACE 07, AC (Dream packs 1,2,3, Japanese Pack, Porsche Expansion 2,3). My website

Catch Phrase

Some say that if you tune in your radio at 101.5 at 2pm you will hear him moan about the Camaro GT3 and that he prefers GT4 cars to GT3 cars

Sim Nicknames

Vasilis Kater

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