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Age : 55 - 20 Aug 1968
Gender : M
Location : Moore,Oklahoma

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Registered : 4 Feb 2022, 19:36:09

Nb. Events :128
Avg. Event Start :10.72 /17.41
Avg. Event Finish :11.45 /17.41
Avg. Series Rank :18.05 /34.69
Nb. Challenges :3
Challenges Pts :5 Total
Nb. Hotlaps :144

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Sim racer and a lifelong motorsports enthusiast from the USA. I have helped my big brother with open wheel racing since 1991. I also help Eddie Hill 1993 NHRA Top Fuel Champion (now age 86) race his Pro Formula Mazda, F1000, and Formula Lites cars at Hallet Motor racing circuit in Oklahoma. I want to thank SRGP for the best place to race RF2 and the many friends that have helped my progress Tommy Teasdale, Hjall1s, Salvador1 and especially my big brother Aaron that got me started as a reward for my work.

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Be the reason someone smiles today!

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Karl Strouhal
Karl Strouhal
Karl Strouhal
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Not set !
Karl Strouhal

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