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Age : 15 - 20 Dec 2003
Gender : M
Location : Berkshire
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Registered : 27 Jan 2018, 9:39:39

Nb. Events :4
Avg. Event Start :2.50 /34.00
Avg. Event Finish :3.25 /34.00
Avg. Series Rank :1.00 /61.00
Nb. Challenges :0
Challenges Pts :0 Total
Nb. Hotlaps :4

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Hi. My name is Peter Jones, I'm 15 and I'm a budding racing driver. I am currently driving in a host of sim racing championships. I am aiming to make the switch from virtual to real very soon. I am a double race winner in WCSLeague GP, 2nd in 2018-19 standings and overall and LMP2 winner at Watkins Glen in Chequered Flag Endurance 2019.

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See ya later!

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Peter Jones
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