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Current track is Palm Springs - Roadcourse A. Next Race starts at 00:00, in 48 minutes.

The Rookie League - Weekly Challenge

One Car / Track combo every week & One race every two hours !
The Weekly Challenge is mirroring The Rookie League USF2000 & ApexGT3 series to mix both Practicing & Competition in a single open format.

This week : Apex GT3 @ Palm Springs - Roadcourse A

HotLapping : 2 consecutive laps

  • "Qualifications" session, in Private mode & standardized environment.
  • The "Hotlap" is the addition of its best 2 consecutive timed laps, for each track.
  • The "Combined Ranking" merge the Hotlap of each track to determine a %-Score.

Pickup Races : every hour

  • Race length : 10 minutes for the USF2000 | 15 minutes for the ApexGT3.
  • Standing Start / No Formation lap / Damage 50%
  • Points scored depend on the grid size (see below).
  • Up to the 4th race, only the best result is retained (then average of the best 2, etc...).

> Apex GT3

Apex GT3

by Apex Modding

AM - 799R GT3

AM - 854 GT3

AM - Bentley GT3


AM - Camaro GT3

AM - Corvette Z06-R GT3

AM - McLaren MP4-12C GT3

AM - Mercedes SLS-AMG GT3


  • From : Sunday 23 December 2018, 12:00 - UTC
    > To : Sunday 14 April 2019, 12:00 - UTC
  • Acceleration Coef. :
  • Driving Helps :


  • Duration : 120 minutes (approx.)
  • RealRoad Coef. : x0
  • In game Time : 09:00
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    StaticMostly Cloudy21 °C0%


  • Duration : 10 / 15 minutes
  • RealRoad Coef. : x4
  • In game Time : 15:00
  • Weather :
    SkyAir TempRain %
    0%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    25%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    50%Mostly Cloudy21 °C0%
    75%Overcast19 °C0%
    100%Overcast19 °C0%



The goal is to make the fastest laptime, in standardized conditions. The Hotlaps are processed & stored at the end of the Session.

  • Drivers can join the session at any time.
  • Drivers are in "Private" mode, which means they can't see each other while on track. This is intended to avoid losing time because of an opponent.
  • It is possible to switch between tracks. Doing so in the last 5 min. will reset the Race countdown.
  • Only Signed Drivers can score Hotlaps !

No Points are scored during Qualifications sessions.


SimRacing-GP's Classic scheme :

  • Using a 1 Point increment, the Last Driver scores 1 Point and the Winner scores as many Points as there are Drivers (signed or not) on the starting grid.
  • A minimum of 3 Drivers on the grid (signed or not) is required. Otherwise, the server will swap to the following track.
  • Only Signed Drivers can score Points !

EX : With 3 Drivers on the grid, the winner scores 3pts, the second 2pts, the third 1pt.

Cloud / RainT°C Air / TrackWindWet Min / Max
| |
S. 1
S. 2
S. 3
Last Lap
Best Lap
+ Next
+ Lead

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